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“Those who have no goal

may arrive under certain circumstances,

there where he not wanted to go.”

Benjamin Funk

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone,” reads a quote. For quite some time I deal with the question of what drives people forward, what motivates them to leave their comfort zone and try something new?

Over the last years, I trod always seeking for new ways, founded and directed exciting projects with great people and adventures.

Mit Jumpers e. V.

Planting and management of children’s and family center in Salzgitter


im Familienzentrum


Jumpers Salzgitter in der Männerzeitschrift MOVO

In spring, 2015 Jumpers opened there doors in Salzgitter. The Children and Family Center offers the rooms with a soccer and air hockey table, games, crafts, learning and group rooms.

Especially the children enjoy the garden area that they replant, cultivate and maintain together with the employees.

Volunteers from Salzgitter support the work of the everyday activities,  give guitar lessons, tuition or offer craft workshops.

Speaker and Author.

Speaking Things Into Existence.

For over 15 years, I write and give lectures. Thereby I had the opportunity to speak to versatile events and to different audiences. My highlights include national and international camps, trainings – where I had the chance to accompany people in their life and career choice and products that help people in life and faith.


Music Message – The songbook
Sample: Leseprobe_MusicM (German)
Published at ejw-service GmbH

Sinn – Zeitschrift “füreinander”
Sample :AGO_BK-fuereinander (German)
Published at Blaues Kreuz Deutschland e. V.

  • Life issues (sense, joy, suffering, crises)
  • Devotions and small group arrangements
  • modern churches/ communities (church 2.0, fresh expressions church)
  • topics for men
  • Media (video/motion design, UX, communcication design)
Publishings at:
  • BORN- VERLAG / German Publisher
  • buch+musik ejw-service gmbh / German Publisher
  • Bundes-Verlag / German Publisher
  • Jumpers e. V. / Christian Social Work
  • Deutscher EC e. V. / Christian Endeavour
  • Blaues Kreuz  e. V. / Christian organization engaged in the prevention, treatment and after care of problems related to alcohol and other drugs
Speaker subjects:
  • Sports-, singles-, family-, men-, youth and creative camps
  • employee trainings
  • Workshops, – seminars
  • generals trainings