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Live the story you want to tell

Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Author
UX/UI Mentor @CareerFoundry

With love and experience for details

Over 20 years of experience in design and communication

  • Freelancer
  • Agency Owner
  • Creative Director
  • Lead Project Manager
  • Speaker: User Design Process & User Experience Speaker
  • Mentor at Careerfoundry/Berlin for UX & UI
  • Author

I am Benjamin, 42


I offer

Strategies and great Content. Furthermore, I am available as speaker and author.

I stand for

focused communication and state of the art strategies.

I create

digital content for web, social media and tv.

I work

strategically, organized with great passion, therefore, you get the best result and on time.

You should…

… contact me, so we can see, how we can work together.

I thank you for your interest.